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(b. 1990, Seke, Zimbabwe)



2013    Visual Art Studio Degree – School of The Nat. Gallery of Zimbabwe




2023   Pesvedzero Isingazivikanwe (Influence of the Unknown), Triade Foundation,

             Art Encounters Biennale Collateral Event, Timisoara

             Art Basel Hong Kong (Discoveries), presented by Catinca Tabacaru

             Pesvedzero Isingazivikanwe (Influence of the Unknown), Catinca Tabacaru, Bucharest

2019   A House in A House, hFACTOR, Lagos Island, Nigeria

            Coming From Where We Are Going, Catinca Tabacaru, New York

2017   Standing on a line, not being on either side, Catinca Tabacaru, New York

            The Guardian and The Builder (with Justin Orvis Steimer), CTG Harare

2014   Fearless Whispers, KooVha Creative Hub, Harare, Zimbabwe


2022    Ĩ Ndaffa Forger /Out of the Fire 14th Dakar Biennale     

             59th Venice Biennale, Zimbabwe Pavilion; Curator: Fadzai Muchemwa

             Aesthetica Art Prize, York Art Gallery, Yorkshire

2021   RECYCLAGE/SURCYCLAGE, Foundation Villa Datris, France

2020   The Berry Eaters, CTG Collective, CTG Harlem,NY

2019   Bêtes de Scène, Foundation Villa Datris, France

           CTG(R): Finland, Serlachius Museum, Mantta, Finlands; Curators: Raphael Guilbert and  Catinca Tabacaru

2018   Meeting Of The Minds, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare; Organizer: Mondrian 

            Foundation & The Netherlands Embassy

            The Watchers (collaboration with Justin Orvis Steimer), 50 Golborne, London

            CTG-R: ZIMBABWE 2018, Catinca Tabacaru, Harare

            Folktales and Taboos #NL, Gallery SAANA, Netherlands

            Power & Ancestors, WM Gallery, Amsterdam

            Folktales and Taboos #NL, Galerie 23, Amsterdam

2017   Annual Exhibition of Young Artists, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

            Focus on ICAC,  National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare

            The Blind Men and The Elephant, Tsoko Gallery, Harare

            Terra Nova, Catinca Tabacaru, New York

2016   Zig Zag Zim, Catinca Tabacaru, New York

             Network Connected, The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo 

             Zig Zag Zim, The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare; Curator: Catinca Tabacaru

2015   From Nowhere, Village Unhu, Harare, Zimbabwe

             Parallels, Hunt Fine Arts, New York

             Open Day, Dzimbanhete Arts Interactions, Curators: Chikonzero Chazunguza &  Catinca Tabacaru

2011   Young Zimbabwean, Gallery H, Bangkok, Thailand

             Art & The City, First Floor Gallery, Harare

             Harare Paris, Pave d’Orsay, Paris, France

             Bukira (Fresh Growth), Mujati, Musekiwa, Dzingai, First Floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe




2019    Serlachius Museums, Mänttä, Finland

              16 by 16, Lagos, Nigeria

              Fountainhead Residency, Miami, USA

2018    CTG(R): Zimbabwe, CTG Collective & DAI, Harare

              Art OMI, New York

              Thami Mnyele Foundation, Amsterdam

2017    CTG(R): Zimbabwe, CTG Collective & DAI, Harare

2016    Tiroche DeLeon Collection Residency, Jaffa, Israel

              CTG(R): Newfoundland, CTG Collective, Canada

2015    CTG(R): Zimbabwe, CTG Collective & DAI, Harare




The National Gallery of Zimbabwe

US Department of State

Villa Datris Foundation for Contemporary Sculpture, France



2022    Aesthetica Art Prize 2022 (shortlist), Future Now 2022 Anthology, UK

2015    Waste no Waste: Trash Is Treasure (Winner), Italian Embassy, Harare

2011    Peace of Art, Youth Art Competition (Finalist), Zimbabwe German Society

2010    Kristin Diehl Prize

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